Angela and Jill are therapists who have fallen in love with body-centered therapy.

Angela cara


Co-founder of Embodied Focusing, Registered Clinical Counsellor at Wise Body Counselling & Focusing-oriented Therapist and Trainer.

Passionate about Embodied Wisdom, Psychospiritual Expansion and what she calls Somatic Dreamwork, Angela is a trauma-informed therapist who loves to see people explore and uproot past experiences that inhibit personal pleasure to expand into their valued capacities.

It's a gift to work alongside people who are moving into true embodiment, finding deeper purpose and integrating more self-understanding and joy into their daily lives.

Website: wisebodycounselling.com  

Jill Koehler


Co-founder of Embodied Focusing, Registered Clinical Counsellor at Communicating Well & Focusing-oriented Therapist and Trainer.

I deeply enjoy helping people to be-friend themselves.

I believe that within each of us is all the wisdom we need, but past and present experiences can get in the way of connecting with our own self-knowledge.

Learning to recognize and listen to our own body wisdom increases our ability to create more conscious, compassionate connection with both ourselves and others.

What is Embodied Focusing?

Focusing-oriented therapy is different than most therapeutic approaches because it sees the whole-person through a body-oriented, experiential lens which acknowledges that the mind and body are not separate entities, but intricately linked and interconnected.

Early talk-therapies focused on digging down to uncover the buried skeletons, but sometimes at the fast-pace of the analytical mind that the person may or may not have been able to digest. Later, Cognitive Therapies came in where the therapist showed up as an expert, teaching the client to notice how thoughts, behaviour and feelings were connected and telling them to think differently.

The new wave of therapy ~ somatic psychotherapy ~ moves beyond simply telling people how to “think differently”. It actually acknowledges the subconscious mind and builds a bridge from this place of consciousness, inviting people to explore their inner worlds and trust in the wisdom of their own body’s messages.

Focusing is a gentle approach. By gentle, we mean that it doesn’t bypass defenses. It actually helps you, instead, to tap into your own inner healer which may guide you into the healing of early imprints, nervous system responses and family of origin issues …. But, also, makes space for celebrating what is going well and nurturing new potentialities.

While Focusing can heal trauma, it was not created as a trauma therapy specifically. Focusing helps you to turn towards the aliveness within you and make natural changes from this place. Often clients who have tried other practices, report that Focusing helps them to move through the world with a greater self-trust, authenticity and self-confidence.